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The Cheapest and Fastest Cross-Chain Bridge, Powered by a Multi-Chain Liquidity Protocol.

The Highest Yields

Supply ETH, MATIC, USDT, USDC and more, to earn a portion of all fees generated by the bridge, with no impermanent loss.

Liquidity Pools

Cheapest & Fastest Bridge

Move your assets cross-chain, 10x cheaper and 10x faster than other bridges.

Bridge Tokens

How it works

The Umbria Narni Bridge employs an innovative liquidity-supply mechanism that accelerates and reduces the expense of cross-chain bridging. This bridge streamlines the cross-chain movement of assets by maintaining various assets on multiple chains concurrently within liquidity pools. Distinct from traditional cross-chain bridges, the Umbria Narni Bridge is capable of conducting cross-chain transactions by accepting assets on one chain and distributing the corresponding asset on the target chain. What sets the Umbria Narni Bridge apart from other cross-chain bridges is its lack of dependence on validator smart contracts, which can significantly decelerate the bridging process. By eliminating the need for such validation, the Umbria Narni Bridge can execute cross-chain transactions at a considerably lower cost.
Our Partners
Umbria is teaming up with industry leaders, including some of the greatest DeFi and NFT platforms, to provide the fastest and lowest cost cross-chain transactions in the cryptocurrency space.
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